Please read if you haven’t used Zoom before. 

To use Zoom successfully you need a computer with a camera, microphone and speakers. 

Most Laptops,Tablets/iPads and Mobile Phones already have all 3 built in.

Most Desktop PC’s don’t, you’ll have to buy and plug them into the PC.


First, search  on  the  internet  and  install  Zoom  on  your  computer. (Or go to Method (C))


Then: Method (A)

Click  on  the  link in Winterton Weekly Worship on the website, or in an email inviting you to a meeting.

 You will have to  wait a short while but you should get through to the meeting.


Some older operating systems (particularly Windows XP) sometimes have problems. If that is the case try

Method (B)

As well as a link, the invitation to a Zoom meeting should contain a Meeting ID and POSSIBLY a Passcode.

Write these down you can then close the invitation.

Double click on the Zoom icon on your desktop and the following should appear


Click on Join a Meeting















Then enter the Meeting ID in the box and click on JOIN




On the next screen enter the password and click Join Meeting (only required if a Passcode was sent in the original message)











You should then see a screen like this and you have to wait to be admitted or sometimes you will get straight in.

An alternative method which might work.

Method (C)

If you do not want to install Zoom, you can try taking the following steps (Windows 10 but other versions of Windows will be similar).


1.   Click on the link in Winterton Weekly Worship on the website, or in an email inviting you to a meeting.

2.   Ignore any small windows in the middle of the screen and click twice on Launch Meeting.

3.   A new message will appear near the bottom of the screen “Having issues with Zoom Client? Join from Your Browser

4.   Click twice on Join from your Browser

5.   Enter the name you want to use during the meeting, tick “I’m not a robot”, follow any instructions and wait to join the service. 

6.   When you join the meeting you will be asked if you want to join with audio and video,

     accept both.